A Helpful Article About Selling Your House Or Condominium In Toronto
 Pricing Your Home Not Too High, Not Too Low, But Just  Right
“What Is My Home Worth And How Do I Price It Right Without Giving It Away?” Your Home Is An Important Investment 
And Several Factors Go Into Deciding How To Choose The Appropriate Figure. Be Assured, We Do Not Just Randomly 
Pull A Number From A Hat. 
We Know From Experience, A Price Which Is Too High, Can Turn Off A Good Buyer.  We Have Heard Buyers Say “No, 
Not Interested” Without Even Making An Offer, And Then Later, When The Price Has Been Reduced, Come Back And 
Make A Purchase, If Listed At The Right Price In The Beginning; True Statement!  If It’s On MLS, It Is Really Hard To 
Sell Your Property For Less Than You Deserve To Receive.  If Underpriced, There Will Probably Be Multiple Offers, And 
The Auction Effect Will Take Place, And The Price Will Rise, And Can Rise By Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars.

MARKET CONDITIONS: Play An Important Role In Determining Price. The Job Market And Current Mortgage Rates Are 
Both Factors In Deciding Your Home’s Value, And The Real Value Will Be Decided By The Buyer; Not The Seller.  Buyers 
Will Pay The Full Price When The Price Is Appropriate.

TIME CONSTRAINTS: Are You Bound By A Time Frame In Which To Sell?  Does A Job Change, Or Relocation Affect Your 
Closing Date?  Sometimes, Taking A Little Off, Can Get The Job Done In A Timely Fashion, And Get You Where You Want 
To Go When You Want To Be There.  Less Can Be More!

A COMPARATIVE MARKET ANALYSIS: (Which Differs From An Appraisal), Will Show You The Collective Data Of Recently 
Sold Homes In Your Neighbourhood, How Long They Were On The     Market, Price Reductions, As Well As Any Failed 
Listings.  These Were Listed Homes, But Failed To Sell.  

LOCATION: This Is The Number One Issue For Every Buyer.  They Always Want To Know ‘Where’, And Most Of The Time, 
Even Before ‘How Much’.  Properties In This Block, Can Have A Lower Or Higher Value Than That Block.  Schools, Shop-
ping, Public Transit And Easy Access Express Routes, Are All High Up On The List Of ‘I Wants’ For Buyers.

EXPLORING THE FIELD: Do Your Homework.  Visit Open Houses In Your Neighbourhood And Find Out How Your Home 
Compares, And Then, Find Out For How Much Each One Sold. This Will Help Establish An Objective Perception Of Value 
For Your Own Home. 

EXPERTISE: Trusting Your Real Estate Agent’s Experience, Can Go A Long Way. Plan To Be As Objective As Possible 
When Receiving Advise. Emotions Can Make It Difficult To Perceive Your Homes Value. Your House Or Condominium 
Has To Sell Itself.  The Realtor Must Sell The Value. 

The Main Goal Is To List Your Home At A Price That Brings In Offers;  Period. A Home Priced Too High May Not Do That, 
And Can Become ‘Stale’.

As Your Realtors, We Will Get It “Just Right”.