The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board (TRREB) has released the sales figures for April. 13,663 transactions reported through the local MLS represent a new monthly sales record for April, making it the tenth consecutive month with record setting sales.

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I’d like to talk about a hot topic right now… pricing strategies for your home. There are many factors that will guide this decision: economic reasons, pandemic issues, privacy, and risk tolerance, just to name a few. 
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The Second Home Market

Due to COVID-19, 2020 saw a number of unconventional trends within the second home market. This should come as no surprise. Afterall, homes in vacation markets offer many of the most desired amenities right now – space, natural surroundings, and privacy.

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Dealing With Multiple Offers: 
Tips for Selling

It’s no secret that Toronto is known for real estate bidding wars. While that’s good news for prospective sellers, dealing with multiple offers can still be stressful. Fortunately, with a bit of knowledge and some help from the right local expert, you can help ensure that you make the most of a good situation. If you’re a seller, here are a few tips for navigating a multiple-offer scenario...


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Changing Lanes:
 Unlocking Toronto’s 
Laneway Potential

Toronto is a vibrant, growing city, partly through incremental intensification. We’re adding homes, shops, offices, schools and restaurants, piece by piece, project by project, as we develop our neighbourhoods. This evolvement has created a pressing need to improve our shared infrastructure, including our public spaces.

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Simple, Seasonal Cooking
 for Spring: Pesto Pizza

When I started working on my book, Occasionally Eggs: Simple Vegetarian Recipes for Every Season, the idea wasn’t to make it a seasonal recipe collection. Though using these types of ingredients has always been an important part of my cooking style, it seemed too inaccessible and out of touch, even a few years ago. But things have evolved, and with our changing climate, it is more important than ever to eat seasonally. It’s also easier on your wallet.

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