Market Commentary - May 2020

It has now been a full six weeks since Covid-19 began disrupting our way of life, and the real estate industry has settled into its new normal. Boardroom meetings have been replaced with online conferences, open houses have been swapped for virtual showings, and print brochures have been replaced with a host of digital alternatives. At the start of province-wide shutdowns, real estate was deemed essential to support those needing to buy or sell during this crisis. It has been remarkable to see how quickly the sector has adapted to meet the needs of local residents.

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Real Estate & COVID-19: What Buyers and Sellers Should Know


There’s no denying that the Coronavirus is impacting the day-to-day lives of Canadians. The pandemic has led many to change or delay their plans—including those related to real estate. While it’s true that postponing a home purchase or sale is right for some, it may not work well for others, depending upon your circumstances. If you cannot hold off on your plans, you should be prepared to take steps to ensure the health and safety of all involved.

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Tips to Keep Your Home Base Safe & Clean

With every business, organization and facility reeling in the face of COVID-19, we are all forced to slow down and create new life “rhythm’s” as we wait out what may well be the greatest disruption to our lives that any of us have ever experienced. We are learning to press “pause” on so many of our staples, as our minds and hearts are forced to consider others that find themselves more clearly in the “eye of the storm” than we are.

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An Act of Creation
The Garden at Castello Carbonana

By Ron Holbrook

In my thirty-year career as a landscape architect, I’ve been  worked around the world on many high-profile projects. Though I’ve enjoyed many highs, to my dying day, I will always remember a moment toward the end of a five-year project turning the grounds of a crumbling 12th century Italian castle into what I hoped would be a showcase for contemporary horticultural design. 

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Good News Story

Every night, a trumpet player performs ‘O Canada’ from his balcony for all residents of an apartment complex near Yonge and St. Clair.

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Recipe of the Month


As most of you know, Banana Bread has been making a huge comeback in kitchens around the country. 
?We thought you may want to give it a try if you haven't already.  Bon appetit!

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