Walk Score
   Measures The Walkability Of Any Address Based On The Distance
                       To Nearby Places  And Pedestrian Friendliness.

90–100  Walker’s Paradise Daily Errands Do Not Require A Car
70-89     Very Walkable Most Errands Can Be Accomplished On Foot
50-69     Somewhat Walkable Some Errands Can Be Accomplished On Foot
25-49     Car-Dependent Most Errands Require A Car
0-24       Car-Dependent Almost All Errands Require A Car
Transit Score   Measures How Well A Location Is Served By Public Transit Based
                           On The Distance And Type Of Nearby Transit Lines.

90-100   Rider’s Paradise World-Class Public Transportation
70-89     Excellent Transit Transit Is Convenient For Most Trips
50-69     Good Transit Many Nearby Public Transportation Options
25-49     Some Transit A Few Nearby Public Transportation Options
0-24       Minimal Transit It Is Possible To Get On A Bus
Bike Score   Measures Whether An Area Is Good For Biking Based On Bike Lanes
                      And Trails, Hills, Road Connectivity, And Destinations.

90-100   Biker’s Paradise Daily Errands Can Be Accomplished On A Bike
70-89     Very Bikeable Biking Is Convenient For Most Trips
50-69     Bikeable Some Bike Infrastructure
0-49       Somewhat Bikeable Minimal Bike Infrastructure