By: Jeffrey & Irene Joseph

Some Maintenance Suggestions For Your Home

Tags: home maintenance

?Fall has just about arrived. To get the most enjoyment from your home
 and to make certain it a safe environment, read the following.

1. The first thing to do is to inspect the grading around the house to make certain
water will drain away from the house and not enter it. Waterproofing may be
needed. Re-grading a walkway or even just grass beside the house to drain
water away from the walls will be crucial to preventing leaking into the
basement. Make sure there is nothing to cause pooling of water beside your

2. Gutter cleaning and maintenance before winter is also very important. The
more trees there are near your house, the more often the gutters should be

3. Before winter sets in, shut the water off from inside your house to garage and
exterior taps. Open the tap inside the garage, and the ones outside, as this
will prevent any water inside the pipes from freezing, expanding, and bursting
a pipe, but diarize it to close them before turning on the water in the spring.
Drain garden hoses and store them inside.

4. If you are listing a house for sale which has a septic tank, we recommend
having it emptied and inspected before it goes on the market to prevent a
potential problem.

5. We recommend having your furnace serviced twice a year. Once before the
heating season, and once before the air-conditioning season which will include
the AC equipment too.

6. Clothes dryer vents full of lint are a source of fire and should be cleaned every
6 months depending on the amount of use. Heating ducts should be cleaned
annually if you have pets or children with allergies too.

7. Before lighting your first fire of the season in the fireplace, have the chimney
professionally cleaned. You never know what has taken up residency in your
chimney which could cause some grief when you light a fire.

8. And now for the roof. It is very important to have the roof inspected by a
professional person before winter sets in. The best is to have someone walk
around on the roof and take pictures of any area displaying damage, the next
best thing to that if the roof is wet or too steep, may be operating a drone with
a camera to do it.