Moving Day And The Movers

By: Jeffrey & Irene Joseph

Moving Day And The Movers

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Be Wary Of Solicitation By Movers Who Saw The Sold Sign On Your Lawn, Or If You Were A Buyer, Maybe Your Realtor Provided Your Name And Contact Information To A Moving Company.  They Do Offer Incentives For That.  We, Do Not Accept Any Incentives From Movers Or Anyone Else, And We Will Not Provide Your Name To A Mover, Or Any Other Service Provider.  We Will However, Give Reliable Resource Contact Information To You.

Read The Contract Word For Word Especially The Fine Print Before Signing It.  Better Still, Have Your Lawyer Read It And Advise You.  

If You Are Not Careful, You Could Get Scammed, Have Your Belongings Held For Ransom Or Stolen.  It Is Paramount To Investigate Who Will Be Handling Your Possessions And For How Much.  Get At Least 3 Competitive Quotations,  Do Not Accept A Verbal Quotation Or Agreement To Do Anything, As This Can Lead To A Contract Which Does Not Resemble What Was Said, And Make Certain, The Mover Will Not Demand A Certified Cheque Or Cash On Delivery Before Unloading.  Make Some Arrangement For Payment Which Is Satisfactory To You After Unloading If You Can.  If You Pay Them First, And Something Is Damaged Or Missing,You May Have Subsequent Difficulty.

Check Online Reviews, The Better Business Bureau (BBB), And The Canadian Association Of Movers 
Before Agreeing To Anything.  If It Was Me, I Would Take Photos Of All The Vehicles And License Number(s) Involved, And It May Be A Stretch, But I Would Even Take Photos Of The People And Of Their Driver’s License(s)  Or Other Identification Of All The People Involved As Well As The Insurance Information Of The Company.  Anyone Who Refuses, Just May Not Be Legitimate.  You Will Be Turning Over Your Treasured Possessions, And They Will Be Out Of Your Sight For A While, So You Should Know With Whom You Are Dealing
Make Certain Your Mover Provides Evidence Of Being Licensed With The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, And Provides Adequate Evidence Of Being Insured, And You Can Even Visit The Mover’s Office And Warehouse Inside.  Highly Unlikely After Doing This Level Of Due Diligence, You Will Be Dealing With A Company Who Isn’t 100% Bona Fide, And Therefore One Who Will Provide The Best Possible Experience.
If You Have Had A Good Experience With A Mover, That Would Be The One To Go With Again, And If Not, Get A Referral For A Mover From A Friend Who Has Had A Positive Experience. 
Please Remember, Anything Which Sounds Too Good To Be True, Probably Is!