Jeffrey & Irene Joseph - Our Story

Synergy, By Definition, Is: The Interaction Of Two Or More Persons, To Produce A Combined Effect
Greater Than The Sum Of Their Separate Effects.  Having Been Involved 1,000s Of Times, That Is What We Have, A Well Oiled, Practised, Efficient And Disciplined Machine, Which Makes Getting From Here To There, As Smoothly And Stress-Free With A Maximum Possible Outcome.

Our Real Estate Careers Together At Harvey Kalles Real Estate Began In 1984,  We Will Push Every Boundary Possible Leading To The Successful Result Of A Sale, Or Purchase.  

There Are A Lot Of Good Realtors Out There,  We Are Two Of Them, And We Would Be Very Happy To Discuss Our Sale Marketing Process And/Or Buying Strategy With You In A Personal Interview Without Obligation.  

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