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2019 Statistics  (Compared To 2018)

Prices Up 4%
Units Sold up 12.6%   
Listings Down 2.4%
Sales Between $1,000,000 - $2,000,000 up 25%
Sales Above $2,000,000 Up 12.5%


Mortgage Rates Updated Thursday, February 20, 2020
Rates Are Provided To Us By A Morgage Professional, And Are Subject To Change Without Notice. E & O E.
  •    Term                   Bank Rate         Payment/$100K    Available Rate       Payment/$100K           Savings                                  
    • 6 Months
    • 3.34 %
    • $490.86
    • 3.30 %
    • $488.77
    • $2.09
    • 1 Year
    • 3.59 %
    • $504.03
    • 3.04 %
    • $475.30
    • $28.73
    • 2 Years
    • 3.74 %
    • $512.02
    • 2.89 %
    • $467.62
    • $44.40
    • 3 Years
    • 3.89 %
    • $520.07
    • 2.89 %
    • $467.62
    • $52.45
    • 4 Years
    • 3.94 %
    • $522.77
    • 2.94 %
    • $470.17
    • $52.60
    • 5 Years
    • 5.34 %
    • $601.11
    • 2.69 %
    • $457.48
    • $143.63
    • 7 Years
    • 5.80 %
    • $627.97
    • 3.44 %
    • $496.11
    • $131.86
    • 10 Years
    • 6.10 %
    • $645.76
    • 3.70 %
    • $509.88
    • $135.88
February 20 2020


2.95 %

February 20, 2020





Jeffrey Joseph, Broker

There Is No Substitute For Professional Experience, Unbridled Patience, And The Willingness To Spend Whatever Amount Of Time It Takes To Get The Best Possible Outcome For Our Client, Regardless Of The Hour.

We Can Provide Testament To This From Our Clients

If You Are Contemplating Selling, Or Purchasing,  Interview Us To See If We Are A Good Fit For You, 

See Our Testimonials On This Site

Text: 416-356-4667 Office: 416-782-7000 Toll Free: 1-844-782-7002

Irene Joseph, Salesperson

Jeffrey And I Have Had Careers In Real Estate Together, For Many Years, And We Each Bring Something Different To The Table.  We May Even Recommend Not Selling, Or Not Buying, If It Is Felt To Be In Your Best Interest.

Text: 416-524-7543
Office: 416-782-7000
Toll Free: 1-844-782-7002


We have to date made $2-250,000 (on paper only and pre-capital gains tax) following Jeffrey's advice. I am sure this makes us no different from many of his clients but what is noteworthy about our case is that the advice he gave us, while in our interest, was completely contrary to his own. Jeffrey was our agent when we purchased the house we presently live in. At the time we owned a house which we intended to sell to finance the purchase of the one with respect to which we had just signed an agreement of purchase and sale. We told him we would like to give him a listing to sell that house. He said the following: " I'm not in the habit of turning down listings but instead of selling why don't you mortgage that house to raise the downpayment on the new one and that way you will have two houses?" By doing this he was turning down a commission of perhaps $35,000. But it demonstrates how Jeffrey put his clients" interest above his own. The house we would have sold but for his advice has only gone up in value since that time and more that carries itself as a rental property. MURRAY TEITEL, Barrister - Murray Teitel, Barrister and Linda Spiegel, B.A., B.Ed., B.F.A., M.S.W

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Many thanks Jeffrey - yes of course we are very pleased with your service. It's been a long road with several unexpected turns but we are happy to have got to the close. We very much appreciated your attention to the various details associated with the sale of our house and are grateful that you went above and beyond what should be expected of a realtor. If we move back and are looking again for a property in Toronto we will certainly be back in touch. Best regards, C L & K L - CL & KL

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Mr. Harvey Kalles , Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd., Dear Sir; I am writing with reference to Jeffrey Joseph, who has been acting in the matter of the sale of my condominium. The purpose of this letter is to register my complete satisfaction with the service provided to me in this matter. Jeffrey was thoroughly familiar with the market in my area. He advised me as to pricing my property and marketing it. He was in contact with me virtually every day and never failed to return my calls promptly. The marketing strategy he recommended was highly successful and his guidance and support during the process of dealing with multiple offers and negotiating the final deal were has been his follow up on the details of the closing. My high regards for Harvey Kalles Real Estate was increased immeasurably as a result of Jeffrey's diligence, expertise, and professionalism. Sincerely, Charles J. Marinon, Ph.D., C. Psych. - Dr. Charles J. Marino, Phd., C. Psych.

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Dear Michael Kalles, We feel that you should know just how pleased we have been with the services of Jeffrey and Irene Joseph. Our son Michael recommended Jeffrey to us, and from the minute that we called him, we were put at ease with his readiness to help. The very next morning, Jeffrey came to see us, armed with a printout of houses in our area, showing asking prices and amount which many of them had sold. He Inspected our home, asked for relevant documents, and ordered a diagram of the house from a company called Plan-It. He took pictures of both the inside and outside of the house, made several good suggestions for small details that might improve the saleability of our bungalow. He ordered 3 or 4 open houses for agents to view the property. Jeffrey discussed realistic pricing options, and telephoned us whenever he had a report, (good or otherwise) so that we could see how the various prospects were viewing us. Through all of this, Jeffrey and Irene were cheerful, supportive, and optimistic. Jeffrey's experience coupled with his manner made us very happy to have him on our side. It would be a pleasure to refer friends or neighbours to his care, if, as, and when the opportunity presents.. He does your company proud. Sincerely; John E. Speck, DDS, FRCD Professor Emeritus, Faculty Of Dentistry, University of Toronto. - Dr. and Mrs. John E. Speck

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